Our company which started to serve to the sector in 2005, offers the best quality and innovative products in the sector with the importation of football, valeybol, pilates, plastic balls and accessories in 2010 as Yildiz Sport.

Our customers have a modern company understanding with special product development, technical support after sales and close customer relations. In Turkey, the world's different or not with the standard design of stars Sport products you can find in many parts of our valued customers, we continue to serve you.

Our Quality Policy is based on ensuring customer satisfaction as a result of process excellence. For this purpose, we establish and implement the Total Quality Management System by establishing Quality Management Systems in compliance with the international standards required by the sector.

Our target; quality products in a timely and economical way to create customer satisfaction and happiness of our employees is to strengthen.

Quality requirements apply to all departments. All employees, with the awareness of prevention, aim at quality reliability and zero defect.

This is aimed at ensuring Process Excellence as a result of continuous improvement. Customer satisfaction can be achieved by directing success, strategy and planning in employee satisfaction and community impact with an effective leadership understanding of employees, resources and quality management system and processes, thus achieving excellence in financial and non-financial business results.

Quality Assurance Manager is the Representative of the Management. It is responsible and responsible for the establishment and maintenance of processes for the establishment of a quality management system in accordance with quality standards. It reports to the management on the performance of the quality management system in order to base the review and improvement of the quality management system and provides support for understanding customer expectations about quality management systems within our company.